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How To Lock Keyboard And Mouse In Windows With BlueLife Keyfree //FREE\\ze

Note that this freeware can be easily configured to block keyboard and mouse already on its start, thus it is not even necessary to send the blocking key sequence (by default F, configurable). It is also not necessary to send the same key sequence again to unlock, as killing the process is sufficient to reactivate keyboard and mouse: one doesn't have to bother about which window has the focus.

How to lock keyboard and mouse in Windows with BlueLife KeyFreeze

BlueLife KeyFreeze is a simple and easy tool that helps you disable keyboard easily on your Windows 10 laptop or PC. Make a note that, you can use BlueLife KeyFreeze to disable the mouse. You can use this app (to lock or unlock keys) by simply pressing the Ctrl +Alt + F keys together, yet you can change this combination if you want. It locks the keyboard and mouse separately or together, without locking the screen, which is an added advantage. After downloading the tool from the official site, extract the zip file and run the setup file by double-clicking on it. A countdown runs on the taskbar and when the countdown ends, the mouse and keyboard can be locked or unlocked. You can also customize a few settings like changing shortcut keys, disabling popup windows, allowing mouse movement, and a lot more.

Anti-Shaya is an easy tool that can be operated by all versions of the Windows OS. It has a simple and effective user interface that has a lock button along with a field to type your password. When you click on the lock key, all the keys will be disabled, and hence now you have to rely on the mouse for your routine tasks. If you want to unlock your keyboard, click on the Anti-Shaya icon from the system tray. Then, type your password and now your keyboard will be unlocked. Since this tool does not involve any process in Windows Registry, it does not require installation and you can run the executable file directly. Even a user who does not know any system knowledge can use this tool and it works well with Operating systems without causing any crashes, hanging issues or error prompts. This tool supports all versions of Windows.

When you have kids around in your place or you are watching a movie and do not need the mouse and the keyboard then this is the best option to go risk-free. So hope you Block Mouse and Keyboard Using Bluelife Keyfreeze and enjoy this application.


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