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Selecting "Tools > "Validate Installation" should force Steam to update itself and to update its own DLL file (steam_api.dll or steam_api64.dll if you’re installing Steam on a 64-bit Windows system). This part of the process can be troublesome on low-spec Windows systems, especially those that do not already have the latest Steam update, but when in doubt, we strongly recommend attempting the check and restarting the Steam client. If the following process does not work, you can manually install Steam to verify proper installation.

If Steam seems to be working properly, but your game seems to be experiencing errors, you can also try replacing any missing or possibly corrupted versions of the DLL files Steam needs to run smoothly:

Steam is a large platform, containing many DLLs and the Steam Client can require dozens of these to function correctly. Make sure that you have the latest version of all these files. The Steam Client DLL, should generally have a filename ending in the number 64 or 32 depending on your operating system (e.g. steam.dll or steam64.dll.

Since many of the Steam Client libraries are self-contained and build to reference other files within the same directory, and multiple versions of these files may exist on your PC, it is common to see errors related to invalid paths pointing to missing or corrupt DLLs. These errors are normally found in the registry and get tracked down to a corrupt path reference that is looking for an appropriate version of a particular file. You can view the various paths to all installed Steam Client DLLs by going to View "Software Sources" Properties for the relevant Steam Client Software and clicking on the entry for the "DLL" tab.

Some games and applications make use of special directories (for them) within your PC. Look to see if they are missing or if the directory seems to be missing from Steam installation. Most games and applications should use a directory like this: d2c66b5586


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