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Gheorghe Iovu Muzica Free Downloadl


Gheorghe Iovu Muzica Free Downloadl

Gheorghe Iovu: The Doctor of Souls and His Therapeutic Music

Gheorghe Iovu is a Romanian composer and performer of therapeutic music, a genre that aims to heal the body, mind and soul through sound vibrations. He is also known as "the doctor of souls" because his music has been used in 17 medical centers around the world to treat various conditions, such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain and cancer.

Gheorghe Iovu started his musical career as a guitarist and singer at the Timisoara Popular School of Art. He later discovered his gift for creating therapeutic music after a near-death experience in 1976, when he was hit by a car and remained in a coma for three days. During this time, he claims he had a vision of God and angels who told him to use his music to help people.

Since then, Gheorghe Iovu has composed over 300 songs and 40 albums of therapeutic music, using various instruments such as piano, violin, flute, harp, guitar and synthesizer. He has also performed live concerts in many countries, such as the USA, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and Romania. His concerts are not only musical events, but also spiritual experiences that invite the audience to meditate, pray and connect with their inner selves.

Gheorghe Iovu's music is based on the principle of resonance, which states that everything in the universe has a natural frequency of vibration. When two objects with the same frequency come into contact, they resonate and amplify each other. Similarly, when we listen to music that matches our natural frequency, we resonate and harmonize with it. This can have positive effects on our physical, mental and emotional health.

Some of the benefits of listening to Gheorghe Iovu's music are:

It reduces stress and anxiety by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol levels.

It improves mood and well-being by increasing serotonin and dopamine levels.

It enhances cognitive functions by stimulating brain waves and neural connections.

It boosts immune system by activating natural killer cells and antibodies.

It facilitates healing by increasing blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues.

It promotes spiritual growth by opening the chakras and connecting us with our higher self.

If you want to experience the healing power of Gheorghe Iovu's music, you can download some of his songs for free from his official website[^1^] or his YouTube channel[^2^]. You can also order his CDs or MP3s by contacting him at 0722.611.872 or You can also follow him on Facebook or Instagram for updates on his concerts and activities.

Gheorghe Iovu is a pioneer of therapeutic music in Romania and the world. His music is a gift from God that he shares with humanity. By listening to his music, you can find balance, harmony, love and joy in your life.

One of the most popular and acclaimed albums of Gheorghe Iovu is "Trepte de lumina" (Steps to Light), which was released in 2018. This album contains 10 songs that represent different stages of spiritual evolution, from the awakening of consciousness to the union with the divine. The songs are:

Eternitate (Eternity)

Lacrimi pentru Diana (Tears for Diana)

Joc de copil (Child's Play)

Trepte de lumina (Steps to Light)

In Memoriam USA

Ecou de pian (Piano Echo)

Tandrete (Tenderness)

Sensibilitate (Sensitivity)

Lacrimand II

Revelatie (Revelation)

Each song has a unique melody and vibration that resonates with a specific chakra and emotion. For example, "Eternitate" resonates with the crown chakra and the feeling of bliss, while "Lacrimi pentru Diana" resonates with the heart chakra and the feeling of compassion. By listening to the whole album, you can activate and balance all your chakras and experience a journey of light and love.

You can listen to "Trepte de lumina" on YouTube or order the CD from Gheorghe Iovu's website. You can also watch a video of Gheorghe Iovu performing some of the songs live at the Basilic


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