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Rescue HQ - The Tycoon


The first major incident i had to prepare for was a mafia boss was facing a trial in a weeks time. I needed to have a police cruiser and access to SWAT gear, as well as enough police officers to handle the task. At the time i had no police department in my rescue HQ. The tutorial was telling me to build police items, but I first had to earn enough reputation completing fire emergencies. This then unlocked the police department and equipment. I hurriedly built enough rooms to house the new police personnel and give them their living quarters and a garage for the first police car. I had just enough personnel and SWAT gear to attempt the task with 86% success rate, however I failed the task.

Show that you got what it takes to successfully complete multidisciplinary emergencies involving all three departments while keeping your crew happy and healthy. Make use of more than 20 vehicles including helicopters, tons of different equipment, skills and items to set up your rescue masterpiece.

Deep Silver, through a feature on IGN, revealed their latest Wii title, Cursed Mountain. The game is a survival horror title and focuses around a particular exploit of a high altitude climber who is on a mission to rescue his brother, another climber, who is lost somewhere on a mountain. 781b155fdc


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