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How To Make Facebook Account In Hindi WORK

By default, your Facebook timeline appears on outside search engines, enabling users of those search engines to find your page when searching for your Facebook account name. If you are looking to keep your Facebook timeline as private as possible, disabling this feature will stop search engines from indexing your page while removing you from all current search results. However, while disabling this feature will stop your Facebook account name from appearing in outside searches, public posts you make either on pages, groups or forums will still appear.

How To Make Facebook Account In Hindi


You can unlink or undo Twitter from Facebook at any time. You just only need to visit After visiting the page, simply select the Unlink from Twitter link next to the Twitter accounts you no longer wish to have associated with their respective Facebook pages. You can also access this connection from within Twitter.

I was young and followed what everyone else did. I have no clue as to what the email addresses are, is there any way I can contact facebook directly to confirm my identity for them to be able to deactivate the accounts?

my facebook account was scheduled to be deleted on Dec 12. I logged in today (Dec 15) to check if its deleted. It took me to the page where it says that account is scheduled for deletion on Dec 12 and click on continute to facebook if I want to keep it active or simply logout if I want to keep account scheduled for deletion. As per Facebook terms and conditions,account should be deleted in 30 days. But my account has not been deleted even though its more than 30 days. Is this normal?

Complementing regular conversations, Messenger lets users make one-to-one[278] and group[279] voice[280] and video calls.[281] Its Android app has integrated support for SMS[282] and "Chat Heads", which are round profile photo icons appearing on-screen regardless of what app is open,[283] while both apps support multiple accounts,[284] conversations with optional end-to-end encryption[285] and "Instant Games".[286] Some features, including sending money[287] and requesting transportation,[288] are limited to the United States.[287] In 2017, Facebook added "Messenger Day", a feature that lets users share photos and videos in a story-format with all their friends with the content disappearing after 24 hours;[289] Reactions, which lets users tap and hold a message to add a reaction through an emoji;[290] and Mentions, which lets users in group conversations type @ to give a particular user a notification.[290]

Your profile: When you open a Facebook account, you set up a personal Facebook profile. Certain profile information will always be visible to the public, such as your name, profile picture and cover photo, gender pronoun, and username. You can add other details, like your relationship status, workplace or hometown, if you choose, and make them visible only to the audience you select (just yourself, your friends, friends of friends, a custom list you create, or the public). The dropdown audience selector menu next to each piece of information allows you to choose who can see it, and the default setting for these fields varies (for example, for language, it defaults to public, while for religious views, it defaults to friends of friends).

I was getting this error when signing in from a different account. when i signed in using developer account i recieved this error Facebook Login: "The application has disabled the Oauth client flow for Facebook integration"which was solved by enabling Client Oauth login from facebook developer account->myApp->products-> Facebook Login

I faced the same issue and I found that the hash key which I have generated to put in facebook developer console is not proper. I tried to generate hash key from different PC and it asked me to enter password for that particular keystore which was not the case in my PC. So make sure that you will asked to enter key store password while creating hash key then insert that hash key into facebook developer console.

if you setup the key hash correctly, it may be related to the facebook app.This is occurring only on Android if the facebook application is installed on device! (to make sure, just uninstall the fb app and try again.)one solution is to authenticating using web and ignore the native fb app.

Guys yeh article only for educational purpose ke liye hai, taki aapko pata chal sakte ki kaise hacker ek fake facebook ki trha dikhne wali site banakar aapke facebook account hack karta hai. or aap apne account ko secure rakh sakte. kisi ke bhi account or device ko without permission hack karna illegal hai. or es article ka koi bhi galat use na kare. ? 350c69d7ab


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