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[S2E7] Happy Trails !FULL!

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[S2E7] Happy Trails

Later, she arrives at the Salvatore boarding house at the brothers' request; they want Katherine's help with bringing back Elena's humanity, and Katherine is more than happy to torture her doppelgänger. When she enters the house, she taunts Rebekah and Matt before heading down to the cell where Elena is locked up. Katherine pulls Elena out of the vault and makes a snarky remark about checking to see if Elena still has a heart before she plunges her hand in Elena's chest. Katherine interrogates her, asking about what transpired between Elena and Elijah in Willoughby; Katherine clearly believes that whatever Elena said turned Elijah against her. In response, Elena goads Katherine about running from Klaus for so long, calls her a self-obsessed maniac and cruelly wonders aloud why anyone would want to be with "damaged goods" like her. Katherine retaliates by grabbing Elena's neck and admits that she's done terrible things to survive, but instead of turning off her humanity, she dealt with it. She adds that Elena wouldn't last a week as a vampire without everyone fawning over her before she locks her in the vault again. After a moment, she decides that seeing Elena go on a rampage would be more entertaining and unlocks the vault, leaving it open for Elena to escape.

In Graduation, Katherine confronts Bonnie, demanding the immortality that she was promised in return for the tombstone containing Qetsiyah's calcified blood. When Bonnie informs her that she is out of luck since Bonnie was unable to contact Qetsiyah about the spell, Katherine gets angry and vengeful, and threatens to kill Elena, who she feels has a better life than she deserves. Bonnie threatens her right back, but is distracted by other students arriving for graduation, giving Katherine the opportunity to slink away. When Elena arrives back at the school looking for Bonnie and Jeremy before the veil is put back up, she is ambushed by Katherine, who throws her against lockers and kicks her around. After a few nasty comments from Katherine, Elena gets riled up and begins to fight back with almost equal measure. Katherine gains the upper hand, and is about to rip out Elena's heart when Elena pulls the cure out of her pocket and shoves it into Katherine's mouth. She forces Katherine's jaw shut to break open the vial as she struggles to get free from Katherine's grip. After a few moments Katherine falls unconscious next to Elena, who wishes her a "happy, human life."

The relationship between Katerina Petrova and Elijah Mikaelson, was once sweet and friendly up to the point where Katherine betrayed Elijah for her own freedom and that broke his relationship with his half-brother Klaus. When Elijah found Katherine in the vampire tomb, he compelled her to stay there until he said otherwise. Elijah later revealed that he made Katherine pay for betraying him, by running away from him as he was trying to save her life. She later witnessed his brother Klaus daggering Elijah. In American Gothic, it is revealed that Elijah and Katherine have been sleeping together and were in a relationship together, as they both have admitted to being in love with each other, although it is questionable whether Katherine's love for Elijah is genuine or just another ploy to get freedom. However in The Originals, Elijah left Katherine behind in Mystic Falls and went to New Orleans after saying and kissing her goodbye, ending their relationship. Even though he was a hallucination in 500 Years of Solitude, Katherine was happy to see him and had shown to have missed him.

At biology class, Josie reveals to Cheryl about Chuck asking her out. Cheryl told her that was vile, and assumes that Josie said no. To which Josie says that didn't accept the date, as she's not insane. Cheryl takes that as a good thing, as they have a date with the recording studio, maybe after school today. Josie takes a deep sigh, as she's heading straight to the girls' locker room for a eucalyptus steam. Her throat's been acting up, and Cheryl doesn't like her plans, as they have practice. Josie cuts in, annoyed, saying that she doesn't know who's more controlling, her or her mother. Cheryl is taken aback, and says that what Josie did, saving her from Nick St. Clair, it's a debt she'll never be able to repay. But what she can do is to offer her humble skils to Josie in order to make her career blossom. However, she's happy to take a step back if Josie's feeling overwhelmed. Josie calms down and takes Cheryl by the hand, saying that it's all good.

At the ladies' locker room, she has just finished her eucalyptus steam, to help heal her vocal cords. As she's walking, she bumps into Valerie Brown, and Melody Valentine, fellow band member of the Pussycats, and they don't look happy. Josie asks what is going on, as she's startled. Valerie speaks, and asks if it's true that Josie is going to ditch the Pussycats. Melody said that someone put a note in her locker, and Josie is conflicted. Valerie walks up to her, and says that women are supposed to treat each other better than this, that they're sisters, and she clawed them both in the back. Josie is on the defensive, and says that it's not as black-and-white as that. She reveals the opportunity that just fell onto her lap. Valerie fires back, asking why she didn't tell the rest of the band, "Why be all shady and hide it?", she says. Melody backs her up, saying that she probably wants to try it as a solo diva. Melody tells her to go ahead, as they both quit the Pussycats. Before she leaves, she says "Pride cometh before the fall, Josie.", and leaves. Josie is close to tears, but doesn't cry.

Betty is at the Sheriff's Station, and is talking to Tom Keller. She says that she's writing a follow-up about Mr. Phillips, the recent victim of the Black Hood's purge of sin, and Mr. Keller says that he's happy to oblige. Betty begins, and asks him how the Black Hood get to the Sugarman, right here in the station. Sheriff says "forced entry", and he was out on patrol, and the overnight deputy was incompetent and fell asleep. She proposes that breaking into his station, seems like a ballsy thing to do. Sheriff Keller agrees, and pulls out a pile of pictures, showing signs of the forced entry, and tells Betty to take a look. He says that the Black Hood pried the door open from the outside. He shows her the rest of the Black Hood's doing, at the holding cells, where Phillips was held. Sheriff Keller reveals that they've done everything in order to find out the Black Hood's identity, but what enrages him is that it happened in his department, under his watch.

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