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The Phir Aik Sazish Hindi Movies

The Phir Aik Sazish Hindi Movies

The Phir Aik Sazish is a 2012 Hindi movie directed by Rajesh Mittal and starring Raza Murad, Mushtaq Khan, Anil Nagrath, and others. The movie is a thriller that revolves around a series of murders and a conspiracy to frame an innocent man. The movie was released on November 16, 2012 and received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences.

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The movie begins with Inspector Ravi (Raza Murad) investigating the murder of a businessman named Rajesh (Anil Nagrath), who was found dead in his car with a bullet wound in his head. Ravi suspects that Rajesh's wife, Shalini (Shalini Kapoor), is involved in the murder, as she was having an affair with Rajesh's friend, Vikram (Mushtaq Khan). Ravi interrogates Shalini and Vikram, but they deny any involvement. Ravi also finds out that Rajesh had a secret bank account with a huge amount of money, which he had transferred to an unknown person before his death.

Meanwhile, a young man named Rahul (Rahul Roy) arrives in Mumbai from Delhi to meet his girlfriend, Neha (Neha Dhupia), who works as a journalist. Rahul and Neha plan to get married soon, but they face opposition from Neha's father, who does not approve of their relationship. Rahul also gets a job as a driver for a rich businessman named Mr. Khanna (Kiran Kumar), who is impressed by his honesty and sincerity.

One day, Rahul witnesses the murder of Mr. Khanna by two masked men, who also shoot at him. Rahul manages to escape and informs the police about the incident. However, he is shocked to learn that the police have arrested him as the prime suspect, as they have found his fingerprints on the murder weapon and a note confessing to the crime. Rahul realizes that he has been framed by someone who wants to kill him.

Rahul manages to escape from the police custody with the help of Neha, who believes in his innocence. They try to find out who is behind the conspiracy and why they want to kill Rahul. They discover that all the murders are connected to a mysterious man named Rana (Rajesh Mittal), who is the mastermind behind the sazish (conspiracy). Rana is a ruthless criminal who wants to take over the underworld and eliminate anyone who comes in his way. He has hired a professional killer named Chhota (Rajpal Yadav) to execute his plans.

Rahul and Neha also learn that Rana is the person who had received the money from Rajesh's bank account, and that he had blackmailed Rajesh into transferring the money by threatening to expose his affair with Shalini. Rana had also killed Rajesh and Mr. Khanna, who were his rivals in the business world. Rana had chosen Rahul as his scapegoat, as he had seen him driving Mr. Khanna's car on the day of the murder.

Rahul and Neha decide to expose Rana's crimes and clear Rahul's name. They manage to get hold of some evidence against Rana and send it to Inspector Ravi, who realizes that he has been chasing the wrong person. Ravi joins forces with Rahul and Neha to catch Rana and Chhota.

The movie ends with a climactic confrontation between Rana and Rahul, in which Rahul manages to kill Rana and prove his innocence. Ravi arrests Chhota and Shalini, who confess their roles in the sazish. Vikram commits suicide out of guilt. Rahul and Neha get married and live happily ever after.


The Phir Aik Sazish is a poorly made movie that fails to impress on any level. The movie suffers from a weak script, poor direction, bad acting, and low production values. The movie tries to be a suspense thriller, but ends up being a boring and predictable mess.

The movie has no originality or creativity, as it borrows heavily from other movies of the same genre. The plot is full of loopholes and illogical twists, which make no sense at all. The movie also has many unnecessary scenes and songs, which add nothing to the story or the entertainment value.

The movie has a mediocre cast, which delivers a below-average performance. Raza Murad, Mushtaq Khan, Anil Nagrath, and Kiran Kumar are wasted in their roles, as they have nothing much to do. Rahul Roy and Neha Dhupia are the lead pair, but they have no chemistry or charisma. Rajesh Mittal, who is also the director of the movie, plays the villain, but he is neither menacing nor convincing. Rajpal Yadav is the only actor who provides some comic relief, but his jokes are stale and repetitive.

The movie has a poor direction, which fails to create any suspense or thrill. The movie has a slow pace, which makes it drag for more than two hours. The movie has a low budget, which shows in the poor quality of the cinematography, editing, sound, and music. The movie has a dull and outdated look, which does not suit the genre or the theme.

The Phir Aik Sazish is a movie that should be avoided by all means. It is a waste of time and money, and an insult to the intelligence of the viewers. It is one of the worst movies of 2012, and a disgrace to the Hindi cinema.


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