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Padaiyappa Tamil Movie 720p Hd PORTABLE Download

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How to Download Padaiyappa Tamil Movie in 720p HD Quality

Padaiyappa is a 1999 Tamil movie starring Rajinikanth, Soundarya, Ramya Krishnan and Sivaji Ganesan. It is directed by K. S. Ravikumar and has music composed by A.R. Rahman. The movie is a blockbuster hit and has a cult following among Rajinikanth fans. If you want to watch or download Padaiyappa Tamil movie in 720p HD quality, here are some options for you.

Prime Video: You can stream or download Padaiyappa Tamil movie in 720p HD quality on Prime Video[^3^]. You need to have a Prime membership to access this service. Prime Video also offers subtitles for the movie.

Isaimini: You can download Padaiyappa Tamil movie in 720p HD quality on Isaimini[^1^] [^2^]. This is a torrent website that provides pirated copies of movies and songs. You need to have a torrent client and a VPN to access this website. Isaimini also offers the songs and lyrics of the movie.

Please note that downloading or streaming movies from illegal sources is a crime and may result in legal action. We do not endorse or promote piracy in any way. We recommend you to watch or download Padaiyappa Tamil movie from legal and authorized sources only.

Padaiyappa Tamil Movie Plot

Padaiyappa is a story of family feud, love and revenge. The movie begins with Padaiyappa, a mechanical engineer, returning to his village after three years of work in Madras. He attends his sister's engagement with Suryaprakash, the son of their maternal uncle. During his stay, he meets Vasundhara, a timid and good-natured house maid who works for Neelambari, Suryaprakash's sister. Padaiyappa falls in love with Vasundhara, but she is too scared to express her feelings due to Neelambari's dominance.

Neelambari, on the other hand, is a spoilt and arrogant woman who has just returned from abroad after her studies. She is smitten by Padaiyappa's charm, strength and bravery. She proposes to him, but he rejects her politely. This infuriates Neelambari and she vows to take revenge on him. She also tries to separate him from Vasundhara by humiliating her and making her life miserable.

Meanwhile, Padaiyappa's family faces a crisis when his father's brother Mani demands a share in the family property. Padaiyappa's father, who is the chieftain of the village, refuses to divide the property and instead gives it all to Mani. He reveals that Mani is the son of his father's mistress and he was raised by his mother as their own. He also follows the tradition of his ancestors by giving grand donations to all the weddings in the village under certain conditions. This angers Mani and he insults Padaiyappa's father in front of everyone. Unable to bear the shock, Padaiyappa's father dies on the spot.

Padaiyappa and his family move to a vacant land on the outskirts of the village, which he had bought with his savings. He vows to rebuild his life and restore his family's honor. He starts a business of making bullock carts and becomes successful. He also helps the villagers by providing them loans and jobs. He earns their respect and admiration. He also wins Vasundhara's heart and decides to marry her.

However, Neelambari is not ready to give up on her obsession with Padaiyappa. She plots to ruin his happiness by joining hands with Mani and Suryaprakash. She also hires a bull that hates red color to kill Padaiyappa during a festival. She also tries to kill Vasundhara by setting fire to her house. She also manipulates Suryaprakash into marrying Padaiyappa's sister against her will.

How Padaiyappa overcomes all these obstacles and defeats Neelambari forms the rest of the story. 9160f4acd4


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