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[S1E7] Castle On A Cloud

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The estate was established in the late 16th century when the Cocks family purchased land in the area. Subsequent marriages into the Somers and Nash families helped provide the wealth and substance necessary to build the present imposing building, designed to look like one of the medieval castles guarding the Welsh borders.

The castle still has an operating flour mill, "one of the oldest in the county", built in the 18th century as Clencher's. In the 21st century, the water supply was "reinstated and the machinery overhauled so it is now workable".[6] As of 2020, the family occupied only a small part of the castle, "smaller rooms, and we mostly live in the kitchen, which was enlarged in 1992", according to James Hervey-Bathurst, who inherited the property from his mother,[7] the Hon. Mrs Elizabeth Hervey-Bathurst, in 1988.[8]

The castle's business was affected for some time in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic but by mid-July 2020, restrictions were easing.[9] The ironwork bridge over the weir, first installed in 1828, was reopened after restoration in 2021.[10]

The car manufacturer Land Rover, uses the Eastnor estate as a venue for potential customers to drive their vehicles; a fee is charged for those participating in the Landrover Experience.[11] The castle has been used as a set location for films, television programmes and music videos including; One More Time, starring Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis, Jr, Slade's video "Run Runaway", the 1986 film adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Canterville Ghost,[12] the BBC TV adaptation of Little Lord Fauntleroy in 1995, the American reality competition television program, The Amazing Race,[13] ITV's 2015 adaptation of Doctor Thorne,[14] and two episodes of HBO's Succession.[15] Details of the castle's construction were revealed in episode 6 of the 2004 BBC TV series Fred Dibnah's Made in Britain.

At Fire Mountain, Goku uses Flying Nimbus to reach the castle. The flames are too strong, though, so Goku burns his tail and falls into a nearby lake. Bulma and Oolong meet the Ox-King who thinks that they are trying to steal his treasure. As Goku is back after his failed attempt, the Ox-King starts trying to kill him. Goku jumps onto the Flying Nimbus and flies around the Ox-King - making him dizzy. Ox-King then asks Goku who gave him the Flying Nimbus and Ox-King soon learns that Goku has met Master Roshi. He asks Goku where he can find him as Roshi was Ox-King's old master. Ox-King then realizes that Goku is the grandson of Grandpa Gohan, someone who was so close to the Ox-King like they were brothers. The Ox-King then asks Goku if he could go get him the Bansho Fan from Roshi, as it is the only thing that will extinguish the flames on Fire Mountain. Goku accepts and then asks the Ox-King if he can have the Ox-King's Dragon Ball. The Ox-King then tells Goku that the previous day he sent his only daughter Chi-Chi to retrieve the Bansho Fan but now he is worried about her because she has yet to return. Ox-King says that Goku can marry Chi-Chi if he sets off to find the Bansho Fan and Chi-Chi herself.

In George R.R. Martin's "Fire and Blood" book, it's mentioned that the Velaryon's Driftwood Throne (the seat of power we see in the great hall of High Tide castle) was a said to be a "gift from the Merling King."

I bet she wishes she could click her heels three times to take back what she said to Lucas on Emerald City Season 1 Episode 7. Not that it would have mattered, anyway. but Lucas really dug the knife in when he threw her words back at her at Glinda's castle.

After the rejected King goes to bed, we see Lord Corlys and Rhaenys Targaryen sitting by the fire in their Driftmark castle. She wonders whether Laena's death was punishment for their ambition, and reprimands Lord Corlys using her own ill-fated brush with the Iron Throne as a justification for his pursuit of it. Then Rhaenys declares she wants the succession of Driftmark to pass through Laena's line, not Laenor's -- "to true Velar


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