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F*ck Love Too

The Guilty Crown inspired cover art, which depicts Laroi and his unnamed lover in an anime styled metropolitan city, was made by anime artist Richard Ticas, and was unveiled a week ahead of the mixtape's release.[5]

F*ck Love Too

A reissue of the mixtape was released on 6 November 2020. Titled F*ck Love (Savage), it includes seven new songs, including the previously released single "So Done", as well as appearances from YoungBoy Never Broke Again, Internet Money, Marshmello, and Machine Gun Kelly. The release was accompanied with a music video for the track "Always Do".[13] According to Triple J, the release of F*ck Love (Savage) is an opposite to the original mixtape; "where the original mixtape had Laroi focusing on love and loss, the new material featured here sees him coming from a different space, reflecting the personal changes he's undergone in the last year".[4]

Character Profile: The main protagonist. She stresses about her ex-husband showing up at a funeral with his pregnant lover. Lisa travels to Ibiza and considers reigniting a romance with a former beau named Jim.

Confession: I am a contrarian. My nature causes me to avoid any and all things deemed good by popular opinion. While I do trust the tastes of a few people, I generally approach all things loved by a large group of people with skepticism.

For many, it can be hard to get past the overly (to us) formal style and archaic vocabulary. I admit, it takes a few pages to get the rhythm, but when you do, you find a lovely prose style that belies a freshness of perspective that must have been quite modern then and which holds water even today. Take this opening line from Pride and Prejudice.

Dude, you should read Defoe's "Roxana", also try Bronte's "Jane Eyre." What fantastic literature. Defoe's language and story telling, and then Bronte's magic way with the language, completely different from Defoe's and Austen's, even richer and more flowing; the mastery with which she draws the gothic, romantic scenery. Jane Austen is wonderful and we love her truly, but then she's one child amongst many. English literature is full of unsurpassed treasures. Needless to say, it has to do with the money and with the Empire. It grows from both.

Jane Autin wrote crap. The fact that so many women relate to her heroines is enough to make me weep for mankind. Her best known ( and sadly, loved) heroine Lizze Bennett is a selfish slag, who would put her married happiness ahead of her entire family possibly becoming homeless and starving. Lizzie's list of favorite things to do includes laughing at other people, and we see her making fun of a guy whose big fault was not being aloof or tall, an old lady, and her own mother. Nice girl. Then we have the important moral teaching us that Mr Whitcombe is an awful man, because he dared to want to marry a wealthy woman, never mind thta marriage is obviously the only way anyone could get ahead, because being smart and brave didn't get him all that far. However, it was very admirable for Jane and Lizzie to marry men that had money. No wonder Jane Ausin herself remained single, because who would want her?

Before he hits the stage at Rolling Loud, we talk about F*ck Love 3, his idol Kanye West, performing live once again, his relationship with Justin Bieber, our mutual love of jet skiing, and more. The interview, lightly edited for clarity, is below.

I got to see Jill do a house concert in 2019. It was an absolute joy to sit just a few feet from her, in a room full of about 30ish people. Just Jill and a guitar. Barefoot and singing. My gen X heart nearly burst from happiness. I would love love love to see this show, but likely won't make it across the country to see it. Here's hoping for an SF staging!

I can't imagine how I would make it to NYC during this show's run, but I am SO happy it's such a success! Jill Sobule's Instagram was a balm during the early days of the pandemic -- she'd do little impromptu lives and play songs, and was both a righteous weirdo and an absolute ray of goddamn sunshine. I was such a lovestruck fan of hers when I was a baby queer in the 90s, and those little live shows were such brilliant-shining-precious gifts to my past self, and to my present self in the early days of covid lockdown. Seeing hints of the show's development through her social media was like watching something really cool in the next room through a keyhole. How I wish I could see the whole show in all its glory.

Last week I took myself to see Jill Sobule\u2019s F*ck 7th Grade, a perfect balm for my awkward, tortured inner-13-year-old. I loved the show so much that I\u2019m making all my friends who are Gen X and Generation Jones go see it. I thought I\u2019d also recommend it to you, in case you either live in or near New York City, or plan to visit in January or February, when new dates have been added. (Performances through the rest of 2022 are sold out.)

The story unfolds over 90 delightful minutes. You can\u2019t help but fall in love with young Sobule, as she is presented in storytelling and song. I ate up every tale and musical number, dancing in my seat and singing along\u2014but not feeling like a weirdo about that, as I might have elsewhere, because just about everyone else in the audience was singing and dancing, too.

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