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MassMutual Explores Health Data From Wearables


But you aren't the only one who is interested in these data points such as your step count and hours of sleep per night. Just like car insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who allow monitoring of their safe driving habits, health and life insurance companies may one day offer discounts to those who comply with good health habits.

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company or MassMutual is one of them. This century-plus old company is looking to pioneer the analytics of health data from wearable devices to predict long term mortality risk -- whether someone will die in 20 years or 30 years or more. Those with healthy habits could earn a health discount on their premiums.

But even though MassMutual's work with data from wearable device is not something that's hit the market yet, the company has been working for years with health data and machine learning algorithms to improve its risk assessments.

"Insurance companies like ours are sitting on gold mines worth of data because we've been around for 100 years," Ross said. "That data is incredibly rich in terms of health indicators such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, height, weight -- hundreds of data points for every person. The problem was that it was all on paper and in legacy systems."

No actual numbers are available regarding the return on investment, but the success of the program can probably be measured by the growth of the team over the last 6 years, going from just a few data scientists to about 100 of these highly compensated professionals. There's also Ross's qualitative endorsement.

Ross's team didn't deploy a commercial platform for this work. Rather, they cobbled together their own platform from the rich set of open source technologies available for data science, ones that these data scientists were more accustomed to using in their previous university jobs.

Traditional mental health providers make you wait weeks to see someone. With Spring Health, members can see a therapist in an average of just two days. In addition to therapy, members have access to comprehensive support including self-guided digital exercises, coaching, and more, to prevent and treat a range of conditions from sub-clinical concerns to high-acuity issues.

Biofourmis is a health analytics platform designed to analyze physiology data from clinical-grade wearables. The company's platform uses artificial intelligence to integrate and analyze continuous physiology data from clinical-grade wearables to detect personalized patterns and predict clinical exacerbation in advance of a critical event, enabling medical professionals to intervene days before a critical event and providing better outcomes for patients. Biofourmis utilizes machine learning, integrated biometric data and FDA-cleared analytics to streamline patient care.

With a long personal history of MSK injuries including several leg surgeries, Dan has long been passionate about improving outcomes for musculoskeletal disorders. Originally from Miami, Dan pursued a PhD in the medical sciences at the University of Oxford (currently paused), founding the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable and OneStart, a large healthcare accelerator program. As CEO, Dan brings startup technology experience and healthcare expertise to Hinge Health.

Growing up across the world, Christian dreamed about a career in the NBA, but alas that was not to be. So, he decided on a wildly successful career in the hearing health and professional services industry instead. Over two decades, Christian has been instrumental in growing the hearing health and professional services market for leading global companies. We lured him from Copenhagen with the promise of a try-out with the Golden State Warriors.

Eric is co-founder and CEO of Bloomlife, a digital health company designing the future of prenatal care with technology to improve the health of moms and babies. Eric brings a unique perspective on the needs, opportunities, and challenges in emerging healthcare tech


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