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Blue-shifted broad absorption lines are the manifestation of gaseous outflows in astrophysical phenomena. In active galaxies, these outflowing winds may play a key role in the central engine physics by removing angular momentum and in influencing host galaxy evolution by imparting energy and chemically enriched gas to the surrounding medium. AGN wind variability affords us a valuable tool to study this still poorly understood phenomenon. The existence of a high velocity broad line outflow in WPVS007 is especially extraordinary, as Seyfert-luminosity active galaxies are unexpected to produce them. With its lower luminosity and compact size, the NLS1 galaxy WPVS007 (M_V=-19.7, z=0.02882) provides us the ability to study even colossal variability on merely human timescales. Since its 1996 FOS observation, displaying miniBALs but no true broad absorption lines, WPVS007 has experienced a short but rich history of UV BAL variability. By the 2003 FUSE observation, WPVS007 had developed a BAL with v_max 6000km/s, indicating an optically thick, high velocity outflow. We present the 2010 and 2013 June and December HST COS spectra. Between 2003 and 2010, both the maximum and minimum outflow velocity had increased substantially. As of 2013 June, the continuum emission has since dimmed by a factor of 2 and the BALs have appeared to weaken, with both decreased maximum and minimum velocities. Such dramatic shifts in BAL velocity are unprecedented, as BAL variability is typically confined to changes in optical depth. What is the nature of the variability in this BAL wind? The upcoming (as of the writing of this abstract) December observation should give us more insight into tackling that question, whether it be the transient response of a continuous flow to a fluctuating continuum or perhaps the continued decline of a discrete outflow event.

Mini Kms Activator 14 Office 2010 21



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