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God of War 2 PC Game: How to Download and Install with Keygen.God.of.War.2.PC.Games.rarl

Like in all the Total War games, you can interact with a vast array of buildings, which can be constructed in order to earn additional resources, or to improve your chances of victory. Buildings can be constructed in four different types, including questing houses, siege castles, trap-laying catapults, and houses of war.


God of War: Horizon's seamless animated cutscenes lead you through the colourful vistas of the world, and the huge arsenal of monsters you'll be facing. Some are unavoidable, some are friendly, some are there to help you, but all of them deserve your respect and tactical appreciation. There'll be real-world Norse symbols and art to discover, too.

But the game also introduces several new features. The gods, for example, are all playable, with their own unique stats, magic and attacks. Kratos will have to master everything from how to use the Cestus' talisman to cope with the loss of his soul, to how to deploy Pelios' hurricane, to how to utilise Aegis against Tolere's Vomits and Lava. But don't worry, you'll still be able to use his blades and magic to do significant damage to his foes. And you'll get a full Mantle of Power to help Kratos to conserve his strength.

The god Apollo is there to bargain for the world's safety, while the god Ares is there to roll his eyes as you explain the situation. Kratos's story follows the same pattern, with God Anubis appearing in disguise as part of a plan to free Kratos from his imprisonment. There's quite a lot to do, too: from training your followers, to dealing with financial issues, to ruling the land. You'll have to decide whether to protect the weak and the innocent or to unify your people. But these decisions will have long-lasting consequences, so you better make sure you make the right call!


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