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Breeding Wife Stories !!BETTER!!

the three of them were in the living room, after their supper. he got up and went to the kitchen. they were all watching the ball game. after it was over, they started chatting. neither of them had done anything sexual with each other for a long time. steve admitted that he missed having sex, and he wondered if his wife was feeling the same way. larry said that was not a problem. she had become very frigid. he figured that she needed a good hard fuck. larry asked if they could fuck each other. they agreed. larry went into the bedroom. he told his wife that he was going to take a shower. she stood up and got ready for bed. when she got into the bedroom, she could hear larry and steve talking. larry had got undressed. he was in the bathroom now, giving steve his instructions. steve did as he was told, and soon they were both naked. they were in the shower together. steve was at the back of the shower, and larry was at the front. larry was sliding his cock into steve s tight virgin ass. he started fucking him. steve was moaning and screaming. larry continued to fuck him for a couple of minutes, making sure that the younger boy was getting used to the size. then he told steve to get up. he told him to stand at the shower door, and he would come out and fuck him. steve got up and stood at the door. larry came out and stood next to him. larry said to him, you re ready for me now. steve said yes. larry took his cock out and put it in his mouth. steve opened his mouth wide, to accommodate his husbands big cock. larry fucked him for a few seconds. then he pulled his cock out, and said stop sucking my cock. steve was surprised, but he did as he was told.

breeding wife stories


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