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Rtca Do 160f Pdf Download


Rtca Do 160f Pdf Download

we have a wide variety of staff, from me, mm and em to mechanical, civil, electrical and electronics technologists. we have 20 plus years of experience with specific project types, including wind turbines, nuclear waste storage, seismic analysis, aircraft general, general and bird strike training simulators, and large scale machine tool design. we have developed the capability and expertise to comply with the do-160 standards, but are always open to additional experience and training.

under the rtca standards, it is required that each new facility have personnel with vibration expertise to perform tests on a regular basis. the basic labs have to be tested twice a year. the labs also need to be checked for accuracy on a regular basis. we have experience and qualifications in standards testing and can provide you with the necessary resources to test your existing laboratory once a year.

lunch is an important part of the systems test schedule. the purpose of the lunch is to gather participants and provide, what i believe is, the best food available in the location, without any post-lunch diving in junk food.

quality is a very important component in the systems testing. as part of the quality control program, we set up a rto-160 quality control program. i believe that the c-class list of 1000-point qualification test is the key to creating a superior aircraft. trentons systems team has established a quality control program such as b-class quality control that indicates that our products satisfy do-160 do-160 flight criteria.

aluminum tubing that is exposed to high temperature. do-160 tubing or c-class category a tubing is exposed to operating temperatures of 800f (424c). this category is important for environmental testing. exposure to these temperatures can cause high stress. this type of environmental test can be completed with either a wire or a dissolver. the wire test is the best if a dissolver is not available. 3d9ccd7d82


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