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Microbial Genetics By David Freifelder Ebook Free 20

Although many general genetics and molecular biology textbooks are available, few recent textbooks focus on microbial genetics. Furthermore, although many of the general genetics and molecular biology textbooks have sections on microbial genetics, they do not cover a wide variety of specialized aspects of microbial genetics. The first edition of David Freifelder?s Microbial Genetics sought to fill this niche.Since the first edition was published, there have been numerous advances in microbial genetics. Each of these advances required a solid knowledge of classic microbial genetics and modern molecular biology. Because David Freifelder is now deceased, Stanley R. Maloy and John E. Cronan, Jr. undertook the task of rewriting and updating the second edition of Microbial Genetics. They tried to include Archaea where relevant. Some sections are extensively rewritten, and other sections are only slightly changed. Table Of Contents: Preface / Preface to the First Edition / PART 1: Essentials of Genetics and Microbiology: Essentials of Genetics / Nucleic Acids / Proteins / Bacteria / Phage Biology / PART2: Molecular Aspects of Gene Expression: Gene Expression / Regulation of Gene Expression / PART 3: Maintenance of Genetic Information: DNA Replication / DNA Damage and Repair / Mutagenesis, Mutations, and Mutants / PART 4: Genetics of Bacteria and Phages: Plasmids / Transposable Elements / Bacterial Transformation / Bacterial Conjugation / Genetics of Phage T4 / Lytic Growth of Phage ? / Lysogeny / Transduction / Strain Construction / PART 5: The New Microbial Genetics: Genetic Engineering / Applications of Genetic Engineering / Index. Audience Undergraduate Students and Teachers

microbial genetics by david freifelder ebook free 20


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