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Cisco Ip Routing Alex Zinin Pdf

alex zinin has many years' experience in networking design, installation, support, and training. he started his career as a consultant and instructor for amt group, providing technical support for tier-1 isps, and training hundreds of professionals. later, mr. zinin worked as the routing protocol escalation engineer for the isp team at cisco systems, working closely with routing protocol developers and presenting at a number of cisco events. currently, mr. zinin is the senior routing software architect at nexsi systems, providing technical leadership for development of the new generation of ip routing software. an acknowledged routing and ospf expert, he has coached many professionals for the ccie exam and is active in ietf working groups and cisco events. 0201604736ab07242001

cisco ip routing alex zinin pdf

chapter 9--link-state routing protocols. chapter 9 describes the mechanisms of link-state routing in general and a link-state routing protocol-open shortest path first (ospf). the first part of the chapter gives a very detailed explanation of the link-state routing concepts, including the dijkstra algorithm, link-state database synchronization and flooding. an overview of the two link-state routing protocols (integrated is-is, and ospf) currently used in ip world is given as well. the second part of the chapter provides a complete guide to the ospf protocol and details of cisco's ospf implementation. practically every aspect of the protocol is explained very thoroughly in this section. the chapter is completed with information on ospf configuration commands and configuration examples.


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