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How To !!INSTALL!! Download Instagram Comments In Excel


I'm going to show you how to export comments from an Instagram post, without paying any fees, downloading any software or compromising your device. To download comments of any Instagram post, you'll need to know just 3 simple steps:

With the Export Instagram Comments tool you can export your Instagram comments from your video or photo. You can download comments and commenters to Excel in CSV format from your Instagram Business account for FREE.

Important: We do not store, sell or distribute your Instagram comments data. Comments are downloaded only in your browser using the Facebook API. Data should only be used for personal purposes. Be responsible for the privacy of your followers.

The data download tool not only gives you a copy of all the videos, photos, and stories you've archived, but also messages, profile information, and comments. If anything, the feature allows you to have a backup of everything you've uploaded to the platform.

The actor is written in Node.js and uses Apify SDK. On input, it takes an Instagram query or a list of direct profile URLs, then it searches the query and scrapes page details, posts, or comments from the results and direct URLs. All of the resulting data is stored in a structured form into a dataset, from which you can download it in formats such as JSON, XML, Excel, CSV, etc.

If you use Instagram regularly, sometimes you need to download Instagram comments. One of the core reasons for this is that you may be an influencer or brand promoter. So, you want to get feedback from mass people or your clients. To do this you need to export Instagram comments to Excel. This article will mainly focus on how to export Instagram comments to Excel. I hope you find this article very informative.

This new feature in Instagram lets you not only view all of your data but download an entire backup of your Instagram account including comments, photos, liked pictures, and more. It's currently rolling out on Android and iOS, and if you don't see it yet, you can still do it right from your phone's web browser.

To download your data instead, select "Request Download" under the Data Download heading (you can also just visit to jump right there), then enter the email address you want to send it to (your account email should be automatically pre-filled) and tap "Next." Enter your account password on the next page, then "Request Download" to finish up.

ATLAS.ti imports Excel files generated by You can use the service for free to export up to 100 comments per link. For a small fee, you can use the service for three days to download the data you need. This also allows you to export nested comments.

You can create the CSV from scratch or you can export the Comment to get the format of CSV. You can use a spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, or Google Spreadsheets for creating and modifying the CSV file. Save this file with extension.CSV. After entering all details about comments in a spreadsheet, you can import comments to your online store. With this plugin, you can also export and download comment details as a CSV file.With this Plugin, You can also export and import WooDiscuz Discussions (comments).

As a Social Media page admin or online marketer, there would be a chance that you want to save all the comments on your posts at some points. For example you may want to aggregate data to conduct sentiment analysis for your post; Picking winners of your Facebook game campaign from Facebook likes and comments data or you just want to simply download a copy of them. Okay, so let's get started.

First, we need to iterate through the JSON file which is gotten from scraping the tags which returns all the posts which are using that hashtag. Just as a reminder, the command would be: instagram-scraper --media-metadata --tag --media-types none. One of the variables that these posts return is the Owner ID, which is something that we can use to associate that post with an Instagram account. The code which is shown below would work to get the owner IDs from the posts (if you would like to get number of likes and comments then you would need to find the specific key, iterate through the different elements on the JSON file and store the variables which are of your interest)

Comment Exporter ( is the best and most secure way to download your Facebook Page comments. This tool is completely developed for all-size businesses. It has Free options and also affordable paid options to help you download all of your Facebook page comments with a single click!

Actually, Comment Exporter is the only solution that has the option to download all of your Facebook page comments from the date beginning of the page creation. There is no other platform that can help you in this case, others only have the option to download comments by Facebook Post URL. This is the reason that Comment Exporter unique Facebook Page comment download solution on the internet.

Lastly, If you need to download comments which belong to several Facebook POSTS, you can choose the first method. If you need a business solution to download your whole comments by date range, the second solution is perfect for you. Because Juphy gives you all of your comments, between the oldest to newest also included. The third solution is only for developers and tech guys.

This is the easiest way to do it in a hurry.Just make a copy of you Google Doc, make sure the "Copy comments and suggestions" box is unticked.This new copy doesn't have comments and you can download it. 153554b96e


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