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Download Ebook Merantau Ke Deli

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How to Download Ebook Merantau ke Deli by Hamka

Merantau ke Deli is a novel by Hamka, a famous Indonesian writer and scholar. The novel tells the story of Poniem, a Javanese woman who becomes the mistress of a plantation owner in Deli, and Leman, a Minangkabau man who marries her and faces cultural challenges in his family and society. The novel explores the themes of migration, identity, love, and faith in the colonial era.

If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download the ebook version from various sources. Here are some of the options:

Google Play Books: You can buy the ebook from Google Play Books for $4.07 and read it on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. You can also get a free sample before buying[^1^].

Open Library: You can borrow the ebook from Open Library for free if you have an account and a library card. You can also read it online or download it in various formats[^2^] [^3^].

Other websites: You can also search for other websites that offer the ebook for free or for a fee. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of the ebook. Some websites may have viruses, malware, or pirated content that can harm your device or violate the author's rights.

Merantau ke Deli is a classic novel that reflects the historical and social context of Indonesia in the early 20th century. It is worth reading for anyone who wants to learn more about Indonesian literature and culture.

The novel begins with Poniem's decision to leave her abusive and unfaithful husband, who is a mandor (supervisor) of a plantation in Deli. She meets Leman, a young and ambitious Minangkabau man who works as a clerk in a trading company. They fall in love and elope to Medan, where they start a new life together.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Leman's relatives from his hometown pressure him to marry a Minangkabau woman, Mariatun, who is his cousin. Leman reluctantly agrees to follow the adat (customary law) of his people, which allows polygamy and gives priority to the paternal lineage. He brings Mariatun to his house in Medan, where she lives with Poniem and their children.

The novel depicts the conflicts and tensions that arise from the polygamous marriage, as well as the cultural differences between Poniem and Mariatun. Poniem is a devout Muslim who follows the sharia (Islamic law), while Mariatun is more influenced by the animistic beliefs and practices of her ancestors. Poniem is also more independent and assertive, while Mariatun is more submissive and obedient. The novel also explores the themes of greed, betrayal, jealousy, and loyalty among the characters.

The novel also portrays the social and historical background of Indonesia in the early 20th century, when it was still under the Dutch colonial rule. The novel shows the exploitation and oppression of the native workers in the plantation, the discrimination and racism of the Dutch and Chinese elites, and the resistance and nationalism of the Indonesian people. The novel also reflects Hamka's own experience as a Minangkabau migrant who lived and worked in Deli and Medan.

Hamka uses various literary devices to enrich his novel, such as symbolism, imagery, irony, and foreshadowing. For example, he uses the symbol of merantau (migration) to represent the search for a better life, but also the loss of identity and roots. He uses imagery to describe the beauty and harshness of nature, such as the river, the forest, and the sea. He uses irony to show the contrast between appearance and reality, such as the wealth and misery of Deli, or the happiness and sorrow of Leman. He uses foreshadowing to hint at the future events or outcomes of the characters, such as Poniem's dream of a snake, or Leman's letter from his uncle.

In conclusion, Merantau ke Deli is a masterpiece of Indonesian literature that offers a rich and complex story of love, culture, and society. It is not only a novel of entertainment, but also a novel of education and enlightenment. It i


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