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Download Sdkfz Late Rar

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2. Today, we are proud to present Forgotten Hope 2.15. We hope you've all had a chance to download the passworded torrents, so you can get right to playing 2.15 after installing, but don't worry if you haven't, because we've also got a list of mirrors where you can download the unpassworded files.

Download sdkfz late rar

After extracting the installer just open the file and it should guide you through the rest of the installation. Just remember, if you downloaded the patch, make sure you have an unedited version of Forgotten Hope 2.1 installed (custom maps are not a problem).

If you've downloaded the files without the password (you will find links to these files below) then you must also first extract the installers from their .zip archives. The program win-rar can also open these files. Once extracted, just run the files and the installer should take you through the rest of the installation.

Now, we would like to show you another new thing in 2.15 - Awards. We decided to make use of Battlefield 2's award system to give players shiny medals and a place to keep track of how much they've been playing. The main focus in our award system is to reward the player for teamplay. There are medals and ribbons for capturing and defending flags, repairing vehicles and even calling in artillery targets. Of course, there will also be awards making a set numbers of kills with a certain weapon, or simply using it for a set amount of time. In 2.15, this award system will generally be experimental. We may add new medals and change the requirements later. If the awards are liked, we hope to finalise them before the release of Normandy.

Above we have 2 examples of the new awards. On the left you can see the 'Artillery Spotter Award, Bronze'. To get this award you have to get 10 Artillery kill assists in a single round. These artillery kill assists are also a new feature in 2.15, the game will now keep track of who's target is being used by the gunner and will award the spotter points for any kills the gunner makes using his target. On the right the 'Objectives Award, Silver'. To get this award you need to have 'Objectives Award, Bronze', 50 flag captures overall and capture 6 flags in a round. You can see your awards - and those of others - on a special website that will be released later, when it's completely finished.

The following files are the dedicated server files, which you will only need if you are planning to host a dedicated server of Forgotten Hope 2.15. Normal players should not need to download these files.

The Fall of Tobruk is definately the map in Forgotten Hope 2 that has had the most work done on it. As already mentioned above, it was one of the first maps planned for Forgotten Hope 2. The first unique static for this map was added to the build in June 2006. Now, 30 months later, this map has nearly 100 unique statics that were especially made for this map. 041b061a72


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