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The McKinsey Way ((HOT)) Downloads Torrent


Using the torrent of data they are capturing, leading agriculture players are following the lead of companies in other industries by building digital twins of their physical supply chains. These virtual replicas enable companies to run simulations and optimizations, leading to significant potential savings on the cost of moving crops through the system.

One key measure of AI development is startups and venture capital funding. From January 2015 to January 2018, active AI startups increased 2.1x, while all active startups increased 1.3x, the report states. "For the most part, growth in all active startups has remained relatively steady, while the number of AI startups has seen exponential growth," the report's authors add. The trickle of venture capital into AI startups, another bellwether, also turned into a torrent. VC funding for AI startups in the US increased 4.5x from 2013 to 2017. Meanwhile, VC funding for all active startups increased 2.08x.

Another interesting bellwether, downloads from AI-oriented open source solutions, is way up. The number of robot operating system (ROS) binary packages downloaded from, an open source software stack for robotics. Since 2014, total downloads and unique downloads have increased by 352% and 567%, respectively. "This represents an increased interest in both robotics and the use of robot systems," the report's authors conclude. "Because the number of unique downloads is growing at a faster rate than the total number of downloads, we can infer that there are more ROS users, not just that ROS is more frequently used." 1e1e36bf2d


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