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Algoriddim Djay Pro Windows Free [HOT]


How to Download and Install Algoriddim Djay Pro for Windows for Free

Algoriddim Djay Pro is a professional DJ software that lets you mix your favorite music on Windows 10 devices. It supports various input methods such as keyboard, mouse, touch, pen, MIDI controllers, and Surface Dial. It also integrates with popular DJ hardware from Pioneer DJ, Numark, and Reloop. You can access millions of tracks from your music library or Spotify with djay Pro.

If you want to try out djay Pro for Windows for free, you can download a 15-day trial version from the official website. Here are the steps to download and install djay Pro for Windows for free:

Go to and click on "Download Free Trial".[^1^]

Save the djayPro_demo_1.0.27714.0_x86.appx file to your computer.

Double-click the djayPro_demo_1.0.27714.0_x86.appx file and follow the instructions to install the app.[^2^]

Launch djay Pro from the Start menu or the desktop shortcut.

Enjoy mixing your music with djay Pro for Windows for free for 15 days.

Note: You need Windows 10 Desktop Version 1607 or later to run djay Pro for Windows.[^2^]

Features of djay Pro for Windows

djay Pro for Windows offers a range of features that make it a powerful and versatile DJ software for both beginners and professionals. Here are some of the main features of djay Pro for Windows:

Powerful Interface: You can choose from different layouts to suit your mixing style, such as 2 deck, 4 deck, sampler, and expanded library. You can also switch between horizontal and vertical waveforms, adjust the zoom level, and assign crossfader modes.[^1^]

Built for Windows 10: djay Pro is a native Windows 10 app that uses the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to deliver low-latency audio, smooth graphics, and plug-and-play hardware support. You can use djay Pro with any Windows 10 device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and Surface devices.[^1^]

Surface Dial Support: djay Pro is the first app to support location-aware Surface Dial integration. With Surface Dial, you can browse your music library, scratch, scrub, loop, and precisely adjust knobs and filters on screen and for each deck individually.[^1^]

Hardware Integration: djay Pro seamlessly integrates with professional DJ hardware from Pioneer DJ, Numark, and Reloop. You can also use any class compliant USB audio interface for multi-channel output and pre-cueing. Moreover, you can map any MIDI controller to djay Pro using the advanced MIDI Learn system.[^1^]

Streaming Integrations: djay Pro gives you access to millions of tracks from TIDAL and SoundCloud. You can also get powerful song recommendations through Match feature. Note that streaming service availability and pricing may vary depending on country, currency and service.[^2^]

Advanced DJ Tools: djay Pro provides you with various tools to enhance your performance, such as sync, cue points, looping, skipping, scrubbing, slip mode, and beat grid editing. You can also apply up to three chain-able audio effects per deck from a collection of over 30 effects powered by Sugar Bytes.[^1^]

Audio Analysis: djay Pro analyzes your music for BPM, beat detection, key detection, frequency-based colored waveforms, auto-gain, and normalize. You can also adjust the tempo and pitch of your tracks using advanced time-stretching and pitch shifting algorithms.[^1^]

Recording: djay Pro lets you record your mixes in AAC or WAV format (not available for streamed tracks). You can also use Automix feature to create automatic, beat-matched mixes with queue and playlist automation and automatic transitions.[^1^]

If you want to learn more about djay Pro for Windows features, you can visit or check out the user manual at a474f39169


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