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Driver Parallel Lines Free Download Full Version Pc

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Driver Parallel Lines Free Download Full Version Pc

It's fine to offer a restore CD with the driver pre-loaded. However, Microsoft should also offer the ability to download a clean version of Windows from its website, if you input the correct product key.Microsoft has spent a lot of effort tying product keys to specific configurations and models of computer. They created Windows Genuine Advantage and barred pirated copies of the OS from downloading most updates. Offering a copy of the original Windows CD would really not be challenging for them.> You mention trademark law as a solution to the dual boot problem. This is > charmingly naive - to sophisticates like us it's obvious if you're running > OS/2 or Mac OS X, but to the average user it's all a muddle. My sister > continues to be caught out by the need to buy different software for her > "new computer" (a MacBook). Trademarks don't help because they're not > aware of the trademarks, it's just more technical mumbo-jumbo.It's not "charmingly naive" to believe that users know the difference between a can that says "Coke" and one that says "Pepsi". It's also not naive to believe that users can't tell the difference between a big Apple logo plastered on the startup screen, and on the desktop afterwards, and the same situation with a Windows logo.Frankly, I find your comments to be elitist. Just because a person is not a computer professional, doesn't make him stupid. There is a difference between being stupid and choosing not to invest time and energy in something. Oh, but it does... Posted Dec 2, 2010 12:08 UTC (Thu) by tialaramex (subscriber, #21167) [Link] 153554b96e


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