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Sora, Donald and Goofy aren’t just required soldiers of the Organization XIII. They also outrank some of the most formidable enemies in the game. From the moment they meet Hades, they feel as if they have been drawn into a trap. No matter how hard they try, they are unable to escape. Once they have resolved their problems together, they venture into the forbidden world known as Demise, now called Twilight Town.

Obtained: Sora can find this item called Keyblades in shops in each world. Once obtained, it can be used with any other Keyblade to create a telos (the name of the final weapon in each Kingdom Hearts game). In order to use the different types of Keyblades in Kingdom Hearts 3, you need to obtain Keyblades by defeating black-robed guardians. Once acquired, a Keyblade can be equipped to one of the three slots on the main screen, by holding in the direction of the desired slot (left, right, or front).

It’s great to be back on the shores of the seas of Keyhole, but who are these voices calling for our help? If we don’t hurry and aid their cause, they’ll not only cause devastation, they’ll likely make a mockery of everything Sora’s done.

The Keyblade. The weapons are becoming enhanced, and the battle spreading to other worlds. But what do these dark clouds of the twilight world mean? What are they here for? Who is the one who controls them? Who is the key in their not so very secret... d2c66b5586


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