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Sohel Chowdhury
Jul 04, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
CCO: What particular marketing problem(s) most calls for a content intelligence approach? Koene: Content intelligence solves many problems. One solution we're exploring is phone number list to analyze content performance from multiple perspectives. Historically, marketers have taken a very binary perspective (eg, “how much traffic is my content getting?”). Content intelligence should phone number list use a variety of methods and metrics to assess performance related to social media, search, paid advertising, desktop versus mobile, and many other factors. At its core, content intelligence tries phone number list to solve several problems: what to write? Why write it? What impact does this have on users? CCO: Can you share some first steps for marketers? Koene: Marketers need a lot phone number list of insight into how content connects with their users. When I worked at eBay, we used phone number list data to understand any gaps we might have in our content production. We have found that people want a lot of product information. To fill the phone number list void, we've created guides that appeal to information seekers - things like how to buy a blender or what's the best pair phone number list of running shoes. By starting with your own data, you can very often determine where you are missing a key piece of the puzzle. A few other areas phone number list to consider: Look at performance metrics to identify dead content that needs phone number list to be removed from your website. Or compare what content works best for your competitors and whether yours is superior or needs more work. The best content intelligence combines data and business strategy. CCO: How about examples of intermediate/advanced stages? Koene: One of my favorite data projects is called content recall. Content recall uses the phone number list same fundamental brand recall practices. Essentially, you're looking at the feelings and expectations users have of your phone number list content. For example, you can study all the phone number list tweets about a particular content. In these tweets, there is significant redundant terminology (e.g. words with a similar meaning or words all related to a particular user intent). By grouping specific terms together, you can better understand what users expect. Suppose you track 10 brand terms, 40 product-related, 50 trade-related, and 10 competitive terms. By grouping the terms, you may find that if business and product expectations are important to phone number list users, a particular page should use more competitive terms phone number list to attract buyers from your competitors. (Without term aggregation, you may not have detected this pattern.) This may require phone number list content changes and modifications to improve overall performance. CCO: Are there any missteps that marketers make? What are the issues/risks marketers are getting into some of the projects mentioned? Koene:One of the phone number list biggest mistakes I've seen from content marketers is thinking that all traffic is created equally and that driving traffic for your phone number list content is the main goal. Just looking at traffic changes leaves you with little understanding of user expectations or the phone number list emotional response your content generates. Understanding phone number list user intent is increasingly important to overall success – if not for another reason that it's a major goal of Google's algorithmic efforts. If I reach a search page that contains a shopping cart, it is assumed that my intention is transactional, i.e. I buy something instead phone number list of window shopping. Google has identified similar patterns and matches your content to user expectations. Achieving this level phone number list of understanding is much more difficult than in the old days phone number list of simply understanding the need for quality content.
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Sohel Chowdhury

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