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sukanto Kuri
Jun 26, 2022
In Welcome to the Food Forum
At the beginning of May, Facebook held an annual F8 conference. At this Photo Retouching conference, Facebook will discuss the overall future of the platform and announce future developments and features to developers, entrepreneurs and other professionals. This year, Facebook announced many improvements to its Messenger service and new marketing-focused features. It is important to consider how these changes and additions to the messaging platform will affect existing marketing activities in particular. Let's see what's coming to Facebook Messenger and how to develop a strategy for these changes. 1. Messenger desktop app This is probably the least important Photo Retouching update, but it's still worth mentioning. Facebook is creating a desktop app for messenger. The reason I Photo Retouching can't find this change is that life-changing business can already use messenger on desktop devices. All you have to do is log in to Facebook and access your messages. However, Facebook states that one of the key features and goals behind this desktop version of Messenger is as a collaboration tool. advertisement Continue reading below Desktop messenger allows teams to "hang out video, collaborate on projects, and multitask while chatting." You can watch messengers share ideas with teams and hold weekly meetings. 2. Lighter, faster and slimmer Facebook has redesigned the Messenger app to speed up device storage processing and reduce effort. They labeled the project "Light Speed". The goal is a messenger app that launches within 2 seconds and requires only 30MB to install. To achieve this, it was Photo Retouching "rebuilt from scratch with a whole new code base." This means a messenger app that's even more optimized for today's needs for fast loading and immediacy. This may not have a direct impact on marketing, but it could increase the number of people using messenger in this lightweight and fast app. Not only is the speed more consistent with what is currently expected, especially in mobile environments, but it's also Photo Retouching 70MB smaller than older messengers. advertisement Continue reading below This makes it easy for people with low device storage to find space to store their apps. And there are more reasons for companies to look at messenger bots and funnels.
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