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Get 10% off the Full Journey Subscription Boxes through the end of February! 

(discount will be applied to sign-up fee via PayPal)

Full Journey Package: Image

Full Journey Box

$50 per month* 
Designed for culinary explorers who want to expand their gastronomic pursuits. This one-of-a-kind
subscription allows you to provide your tastes, preferences and interests to create a monthly experience that combines flavorful recipes and kitchen essentials with virtual interaction that will make your favorite dishes a breeze to conquer. Each month you will receive:

• Handcrafted oak recipe box
• Five curated recipes each month based on your preferences. Each recipe card will include easy to follow instructions and images
• A combination of fresh spice blends, pantry must-haves or kitchen essentials
• Access to a live or virtual cooking class taught by @walkerfoodjrny each month
• Access to pre-recorded cooking tutorials for various recipes included for that month

*For all subscriptions a $30 annual membership fee will be charged upon initial sign-up.

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