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Angaara Hindi Book Download UPD Free

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Angaara Hindi Book Download UPD Free

Angaara: A Hindi Book by Tulsi Comics

Angaara is a Hindi book by Tulsi Comics, a division of Tulsi Pocket Books, a popular publisher of Hindi novels and comics in India. Angaara is one of the most famous and cherished superheroes created by Tulsi Comics, along with Jambu and Tausi.

Angaara is a super-intelligent being created from a gorilla, a fox, an elephant, a rhino, a vulture and a lion. He has the strength, speed, agility, senses and skills of all these animals. He fights against evil forces and protects the innocent. He also has a human friend named Raka, who helps him in his adventures.

The book Angaara contains several stories of Angaara and his battles with various villains, such as Shakaal, Kaalnemi, Karkash, Khooni Khanjar and others. The stories are full of action, suspense, thrill and humor. The book also has some bonus features, such as character profiles, trivia and fan art.

If you are a fan of Hindi comics and superheroes, you will love Angaara. You can download the book for free from the website of E Pustakalay, a free digital Hindi book library. You can also read other books by Tulsi Comics and other publishers on this website.

To download Angaara hindi book for free, visit and click on the download button. You can also read the book online on the same page. Enjoy reading Angaara and share your feedback with us.

Angaara is not the only superhero created by Tulsi Comics. There are many other characters who have their own books and stories. Some of them are:

Jambu: A super genius robot, fitted with the brain of its creator scientist Dr. Bhawa. He has various gadgets and weapons to fight crime and injustice. He is the most popular superhero of Tulsi Comics.

Tausi: A shape-shifting snake. He is the king of Naaglok (land of snakes which reside in human form) which is in Patal lok which is said to be below our earth. He time to time visits the current earth also. He has magical powers and can control snakes.

Yosho: A fiery superhero, who comes to earth in search of his father. He is the son of God Sun and has the power of fire and light. He can fly and shoot fireballs from his hands.

Yoga: A common man who through his Yogic powers becomes a superhero. He can levitate, teleport, read minds and perform other feats of Yoga.

Baaz: A common man who looks identical to prince of ghosts (prets) and gets the prince's costume to have super powers which helps him in fighting crime. He can become invisible, fly and control ghosts.

Mr India: A superhero having support of spirits of 5 scientists who act as his super powers. He can use their inventions and knowledge to solve problems and fight enemies.

You can read more about these superheroes and their stories on E Pustakalay website. You can also find other genres of books, such as literature, children, religious, history, mythological, poetry, stories, India, reference book, science, biography, economics and more. You can also find books in other languages, such as Marathi, Sanskrit and Bangla.

E Pustakalay is a free digital Hindi book library that aims to promote Hindi literature and culture. It provides free access to thousands of books by various authors and publishers. You can download or read online any book you want without any registration or payment. You can also write reviews and ratings for the books you read.

To explore more books on E Pustakalay website, visit and browse through the categories or search by keywords. You can also follow E Pustakalay on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and news.

We hope you enjoy reading Angaara and other books on E Pustakalay website. Happy reading! aa16f39245


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