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IAtkos S3 V2 Hackintosh Snow Leo


IAtkos S3 V2 Hackintosh Snow Leo

After alot of work, reading the internet, collecting files/kext;s and lot's of installations, i finally got iATKOS S3 10.6.8 working including every driver on my HP G5000 Laptop. I never tried hackintosh and i'm fairly new into this, i'm still happy everything worked out eventually. iATKOS was never a problem to setup for the very first time, i only once experienced a KP due to wrong customize setup in EasyBeast > cpu management (had all 3 options marked instead of Voodoo PState only).

Guarantee one of most recommended parts for hackintosh build in 2011. Everything just works effortlessly from installation, 64bit, audio, ethernet, graphics with QE/CI & multiple display (OOB), even sleep mode just works from the moment.You can see 'Full Tutorial of Making Hackintosh' for more information.

Once you have a working machine, the next step is to take a backup of your OSX installation, so that when you break it later, you can quickly get back to a working setup. As with most hackintosh PCs, you should resist the urge to upgrade your hackintosh to the newest OSX system updates from Apple (apps are ok, its the OSX system that is the problem). If you DO want to update, you will need to google about how to do that, as it is not a simple process if you want to keep all your hardware devices still working.

This is a complete walkthrough in general on how you can install Mac OS X (Leopard) onto your desktop or laptop along with Windows 7. I know we are a Windows 7 topic specific blog, but lately there are an increasing interest in people who want to have their PC to run both Windows 7 and Mac OS X simultaneously. So let me share some of my 2-year of experience of building and installing hackintosh (warning: if you are not computer savvy user you may not want to try this :))

When you create a new partition please give it at least 20 GB or more, if you want to use the hackintosh for any real usage you probably want to add more disk spaces in there. (Xcode in Mac along will take almost 8 GB + spaces, so you want to give it as much spaces as you can)

Yes, you literary need to try out on the different distributions, if you really want to proceed and have a working hackintosh you better start looking at the hardware supportability here. Since every one of you will have a different hardware configuration, it is hard to be general in this case. The bottom line is, you want to check your motherboard (for desktop) or laptop version first. is an awesome place to go if you have some specific questions regarding your hardware compatibility and installing issue.

Hello I have lenovo s10e netbook please tell me if I can get iatkos v7 on my netbook that has windows 7 I would like to dual boot it. But I have heard that wired Ethernet does not work. Can you please sent me all the kext for my mac osx so I can get everything working. My e mail address is [email protected]. Any help will be highly appreciated

I have an HP Dv7 6360us i7 sandy bridge 4 GB ram, 750 GB harddrive, intel integrated 3000, and I am looking to make a dual boot hackintosh. I used CPUID and it said my motherboard is Hewlett Packard 165B, will this work Also I have blu ray and USB3.0. I will have to disable the USB 3 to do the install. But where can I find drivers Do you think it will work 1e1e36bf2d


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