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The Winans For We May Never Know

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And finally we remember one of the founding fathers of American gospel music. David Pop Winans, who died last week at the age of 74, is being remembered today in Detroit as patriarch of perhaps the most popular family in gospel music. Fifty-five years ago David married Delores Mom Winans, 10 children were born to that union. Little did Pop know that the Winans would one day be, in many circles, a household name performing and celebrating the gospel as a family group in duos and as soloists. TELL ME MORE recently caught up with Reverend Marvin Winans, a member of the hit gospel music group, the Winans.

Reverend MARVIN WINANS (Member, Gospel music group "The Winans"): He was our hero long before anyone knew who we were, simply because when we first signed with Crouch Productions, and we were a part of Crouch Productions - well, we could never get a date as to when we would go into the studio to record. And so Dad just couldn't take it no more and he said we're going to California. And they'll have to record when we're on the doorstep. And when we showed up, then they said well okay, and we got into the studio and that's how "The Question Is" came.

Rev. WINANS: My father was not a man that sought the light. He was very humble and he would rather push us out there than for us to have him out there. And when I look at his name scrolling at the bottom of ABC and NBC morning shows, Pop Winans, I just smiled and said he never knew. He never knew and he would have never taken any of the credit to himself. He would've just said give God the glory.

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Every religion is welcomed in our country; all are practiced here. Many of our good citizens profess no religion at all. Our country has never had an official faith. Yet we have all been witnesses these past 21 weeks to the power of faith to see us through the hurt and loss that has come to our country.

Faith gives the assurance that our lives and our history have a moral design. As individuals, we know that suffering is temporary, and hope is eternal. As a nation, we know that the ruthless will not inherit the Earth. Faith teaches humility and, with it, tolerance. Once we have recognized God's image in ourselves, we must recognize it in every human being.

The men and women who charged into burning buildings to save others, those who fought the hijackers were not confused about the difference between right and wrong. They knew the difference. They knew their duty. And we know their sacrifice was not in vain.

The promise of faith is not the absence of suffering; it is the presence of grace. And at every step we are secure in knowing that suffering produces perseverance, and perseverance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not disappoint.

See also Restatement on Restitution, 8, under Comment (b): "Likewise, a person who, before the transaction is completed, knows or suspects that the other is acting under a misapprehension which, if the mistake were mutual, would cause the transaction to be voidable, is under a duty to disclose the facts to the other." Also see annotation: "Unilateral mistake as basis of bill in equity to rescind the contract," 59 A.L.R. 809

In the later case of State Highway Comm'n v. State Construction Co., 203 Or. 414, 280 P.2d 370


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